Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is possible to create announcements and welcomes through the system of Interactive Voice Response. The customers can reach specific departments just by pressing numbers. If you have more than one external line, you can create different status messages such as in use, out of office or lunch break.

Call Groups

Call groups, departments and the contacts can be defined. You can direct customers to call groups with this welcoming menu through having them pressed the right numbers. The customers can be connected with the right department in this fast system.

Advanced Internal Management

You can set up employees as internal and they can be given special titles in the cloud central.

Advanced Search Management

Different scenarios can be implemented with the iex PBX number.You can also use 444 numbers through FXO gateway and use your foreign number by iex PBX

Custom music on hold

The customers calling the company can be put on a waiting music. The jingle or any type of tune can be set up as a waiting song.

Business Hours / Time-off

It is possible to set up different scenarios such as business hours, time off and lunch breaks.

Free Communication Between Branches and Internal Employees

You can set up all your branches as internal and each branch can take advantage of Iex PBX. All branches can easily communicate with each other for free.


iex PBX allows us to make a conference call with multiple lines.

Voice Mail

The caller can leave a voice mail if the recipient is not reached. The voice mail records are sent to the recipient’s e-mail.

Waiting Time Announcement

The announcement of how many people are on the line and the average waiting time can be announced with iex PBX.

Defining Foreign Numbers for Internal Employees

You can attain foreign numbers to your employees. The defined foreign number will be seen in the section of external calls.

Automatic Connection

If the internal employee makes a return call with the timeline of 12 hours after not being able to reach the recipient and getting the message as busy or not available, the waiting line will be skipped and the call will be transferred to the recipient automatically in the fastest way possible.

TTS Robot Recorder (Corporate Welcoming Announcements)

Corporate welcoming announcements can be recorded for free with the TTS Robot.

Call Record System

Incoming and outgoing call records will be stored in iex PBX. The last one month of call records are kept in the system. If you want to keep the call records longer, you should use the integration of Google Drive.

Missed Call Notification

The missed call service will notify you about the numbers that could not reached you through an email. The missed call records can also be seen from the web.

External Function (Through the Telephone Station)

The employees can use their mobile phones to make calls through the telephone station and without the need of the internet.

Forwarding Message Notification

The forwarded phone will receive a text message about the incoming call information and the number.

Details of Call Reports

All calls such as incoming/outgoing made on Iex PBX are recorded. The records can be accessed by the central station web interface and can be downloaded as an excel file.

Operator Busy Panel

You can see the status of your operator whether the operator is busy or available and how many people are on the line live from the web interface.

Google Drive Integration

The integration of Google Drive helps us to back up iex PBX call records. This gives us an opportunity to keep more call records and to have the freedom of having the records from your side.

Software Integration API Support

With the integration of the software and iex PBX, the information of callers called as customer card can be opened up inside the software and the call can be started on the software and the sound records can be listened and downloaded.

Recognizing Customers Through the Contact List

The numbers saved in the cloud station can have different scenarios. For the incoming calls that are saved in the contacts of the cloud station, different features can be implemented before the regular procedure takes place
– The customer can be directed to any queue.
-The customer can be directed to the prioritized queue. So, the registered customers in contacts get to wait less than others.
-You can direct the customer to any internal employees.
-You can direct the customer to any call groups.
-Different scenarios can be implemented with different welcoming options.

Iex Multitenant PBX Interface All Features and Screenshots

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