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We understand that each point of detail between a company and its customers can directly affect the success of the business.

IexPBX software allows VoIP service providers to manage tenants effectively and run an advanced level of business to boost revenues. VoIP service providers can offer superior business telephony service at the most reasonable rates by means of IexPBX

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Multi-Tenant PBX Platform Unified, Stable And Simple

IEXPBX has plenty of features such as call waiting, caller ID, call parking, call pickup and transfer, call barring, and conferencing, to mention a new one. Further, you have DID support and IVR as well as advanced reports in addition to voicemail. In a standard IP PBX solution, it may not be easy to allocate permissions for specific modules to specific users or groups of users. The multi-tenant IP PBX software is built to serve a variety of users in a hierarchical organization. Therefore, you get the benefit of modularity and the capability to allocate resources and assign permissions for specific features.


IexPBX is an advanced platform allowing service providers stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace. It offers cloud pbx and call center solutions in one packet.


High-availability and redundancy (including geo-redundancy) are at the core of IexPBX. As all functions are handled on the cloud, you’ll be sure the data is safe and the service stable.


IexPBX platform provides simple using functionality with a low cost cloud phone system  or call center solution that’s easy to use and accessible for small businesses as well as enterprises.


years of experience
Advanced Call Center

As IEXPBX, we have experienced in our global market presence a large variety of customer requirements related to pbx and contact center cohabitation.

All in one solution

Cloud PBX & CallCenter

With IexPBX, service providers can offer the advanced hosted PBX and Unified Communications business customers need, and successfully compete with cloud services offered by larger competitors.

Low Cost

We save service providers from spending thousands of dollars and we promise the best price/performance ratio above all our competitors.

Flexible Modules

We have always maximized the business value of our platform while offering to flexibility between cloud pbx and call center.

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IEXPBX platform is designed as a true Multi-Tenant architecture that allows advanced module customiztaions with multiple tenants under one server.

High Availability and Reliability

This platform has advanced features to handle various possible causes of outages. It supports mirror redundancy, easy backup options, and load balancing.

API Support

IexPBX offers a variety of API supports. API structure will provide the means to integrate existing 3th party applications within the service platform.

Advanced Multi-Tenant Structure

Better productivity with Isolation and cohesion

Each tenant has their own settings, trunk, dial plan, rules and more feature settings. All the tenants can share the resources with the most efficient way.

Softphone Availability

Tenants and sub-tenants within a tree-branch structure have the freedom to use the IEXPBX softphones through a desktop computer, Android or IOS devices. If user sign up for web panel then users can simply avoid having to invest in any hardware and use their existing computer/mobile to communicate through the browser interface without install any software.

For service providers

The main service provider can appoint resellers and limit their usage. In this way, service providers may have the freedom to offer IP PBX as a service, adding to their revenue stream in the process. Since it is a multi-tenancy architecture supporting a number of tenants, IEXPBX allows admin to provide certain rights and permissions to the tenants with multiple levels of administration.

tree-branch tenant structure

The main admin can have an overview and control of CDRs of tenants and their users as well as their activities. Admin can collect the records of users for better management of communication. Tenants operate as independent service providers. They can create various extensions under them. Also, the tenants have the freedom to assign various rights for different modules and services offered by them to their users.

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As you know, the VoIP market is growing continuously. IexPBX can be a stepping stone for VoIP service providers to attract more customers and enhance efficiency. Please take a look more details about our technology and let us show you why IexPBX is the best choice.