Iex Multitenant PBX is a new generation of internet-based telephone exchange that replaces the old-type physical telephone exchanges, provides services via the internet and cloud technology, and you can use the switchboard features from any location through the internet

Thanks to the cloud technology, a whole new era has started! Iex Multitenant PBX offers you a more secure, technological and economical communication infrastructure!

In the Iex Multitenant PBX, which replaces the old-type analog telephone exchange, there is no need to install a physical exchange that requires investment costs.It works completely over the internet. So,every place where internet available is your office!

With the Iex Multitenant PBX, you can avoid complex cable structures.The system has its technological, flexible structure and user-friendly interface and  you can manage it yourself without paying support costs.

You can meet the telephone exchange needs of all your branches with a single cloud exchange without having to invest in a separate exchange for each branch. Furthermore,You can reset your communication costs between branches.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is possible to create announcements and welcomes through the system of Interactive Voice Response. The customers can reach specific departments just by pressing numbers. If you have more than one external line, you can create different welcoming menus such as in use, out of office, or lunch break.

Advanced Internal Management

You can set up employees as internal and they can be given special titles in the cloud central.

Waiting Music

The customers calling the company can be put on a waiting music. The jingle or any type of tune can be set up as a waiting song.

Communication Between Branches and Internal Employees Free

You can set up all your branches as internal and each branch can take advantage of Iex PBX. All branches can easily communicate with each other for free.